How To Prepare Maeng Da Kratom Tea

Commonly known as Kratom, Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree in the flowering plant family Rubiaceae. This particular plant family also contains the source of coffee and the source of quinine (known for its antimalarial uses), so it should come as no surprise that this particular tree has used too.

The tree is a Southeast Asian native, found in Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, where it has been cultivated for use in traditional medicine since as early as the 9th century.

Kratom has complex but beneficial side effects that range from stimulating to analgesic, depending on dosage and strain. The Maeng Da variety of Kratom is internationally available in the United States and Europe, and often used for self-management of pain, sleeping issues and to combat withdrawal symptoms of other drugs.

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Kratom is widely available in powder form, differing from its traditional preparation. Traditionally, the leaves of the plant could be chewed or smoked. For convenience, international buyers may now buy in powder form and take directly in capsule form or brew in powdered form as a tea.

  • Kratom tea is a relatively common method of ingesting Kratom and can be done quickly and easily. You can always resort to the cold ‘toss and wash’ method if you want to get the process over with quickly or have minimal preparation available, but brewing Maeng Da Kratom as tea has unique benefits. When exposed to heat, the compounds are released much quicker and there is a faster onset of effects as it enters the bloodstream quicker than taking a capsule.

Maeng Da Kratom tea brewers will also tell you that the experience is altered slightly. The pain-relieving effect may be lessened, but the tea in itself is more stimulating and the induced euphoria of taking Maeng Da feels more pronounced, possibly in part due to the faster absorption into the bloodstream. Drinking Kratom tea may be more invigorating than a traditional cup of coffee, particularly if you’re feeling sleepy or stressed.

  • Brewing Kratom tea is very similar to brewing your average cup of tea of coffee. However, it is recommended that you don’t leave your tea brewing for extended periods of time.

The easiest method of brewing Maeng Da into a tea is to first separately boil water in an electric kettle or on the stove. This gives you the freedom to experiment with additional flavors in different mugs that will make the brew more palatable for first-time users. When it comes to Maeng Da tea, since you can mix it with your preferred green or black tea bags with great success, the use of a teapot comes in handy.

You can first brew yourself a ‘normal‘ green tea, black tea or fruit tea and have the powder initially separate in your teacup or mug mixed in when your preferred infusion has simmered nicely. Just like with your usual brew, to make it sweeter, you can add lemon, sugar or honey.

Another method of brewing Kratom uses a filter coffee pot if you have one. Instead of putting ground coffee into the filter, place your desired amount of Kratom powder and run hot water through it. For double strength, run water through your filter twice.

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