How to potentiate Kratom

Many kratom users make use of potentiators to achieve maximum effects of kratom. This allows them to take lower doses and attain similar results. Combination of kratom with certain foods results in their enhancement. Knowing how to potentiate kratom will help you control their effects and minimize its intake.


Grapefruit juice will prolong the effects of kratom. It contains an enzyme which inhibits the breakdown of kratom meaning it will stay in the body for an extended period. Grapefruit is a favorite potentiator due to its availability and cheap cost. The grapefruit juice also links with kratom alkaloids to increase its strength in pain relief and anxiety treatment.


It is a spice from the ginger family popularly known for making curry. When used with kratom it makes it more potent and prolongs its effects. It is known for enhancing the effects of kratom alkaloids, act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Cayenne pepper

It is known for its therapeutic uses. It can also be added to kratom to increase the strength of the kratom. It is useful in relieving joint pains.


It is a green-leafy vegetable, and its natural minerals can bond with kratom. The combination is potent.


It is a supplement and an effective potentiator. It serves to reduce tolerance due to long-term use of kratom. Magnesium has adverse effects for individuals who are recovering from addiction.

Valerian root.

The supplements are derived from a flowering plant which is useful for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety. The root assists in sleeping and boosts the relaxing effects of various kratom strains. Many people appreciate it as a natural pain reliever when taken it induces calmness.


Research indicates that you can get more kratom benefits by combining it with caffeine. It enhances alertness and improves energy levels. Given they are from the same family, the stimulation effects are doubled.

Cat’s claw

This is an herb that has alkaloids like kratom. Combining the two will intensify the effects and power of any kratom strain. They also prolong the duration of kratom’s effects. It is recommended for those looking to enhance the impact of a kratom strain.

Akuamma seed

You must grind the grain for it to work with kratom its overall effects when combined is stronger.


It is available as a prescription drug and also a supplement. It is for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and insomnia. It helps in boosting the effects of kratom in relaxation and stress relief. Its causes nausea in some users.

The combination of potentiators with kratom strains enables users to get the best results without increasing the dosage. There are a wide variety of potentiators. Trying different options will help you determine which ones produce the best results for your body.